Monday, April 12, 2010


So today we had to take down our quote board and since we aren't taking it with us I've reprinted our quotes for posterity. Most of these won't make any sense to anyone beside me and Rachel.

-"We need the smallest west pastable" Brittany
-"Oh shut up cup o' noodles" Rachel
-"Shirts are coming off, we are in buisness!" Brittany
-"Good job sweatshirt" Rachel
-"I made you a burger with salsa LOVE ME!!!!" Brittany
-"Oh, it looks like Christmas is fighting" Rachel
-"Why are we laughing, we should have been depressed for this" Brittany
-"No candy coated shit for you!" Rachel
-"Rachel I want to make sex to you" Brittany impersonating Michael Westen

Ha, we are funny.

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