Sunday, November 27, 2011

25 Things I'm Grateful For

Since I'm 25 this year, I'm going to list the top 25 things I'm grateful for this year. Sorry it's a little late.

1. My amazing loving family
2. The best friend a girl could have Miss Rachel
3. My Heavenly Father and the fact that he is constantly on the lookout for my welfare
4. My Savior Jesus Christ and his glorious and unselfish gift of the Atonement
5. The Gospel and everything it does for my life
6. My new apartment, Endor and how fortunate it was that we moved here
7. My Little Evo
8. Vaughn, The Doctor, Elton John, Big Fat Petey, Midori, and Pinky McGee (my electronics that keep me sane)
9. My little TARDIS that has survived another year and thousands of miles.
10. Drs N, F, and R plus Tony who have taught me everything and encourage me daily
11. An amazing mentor who loves me regardless and makes me be better
12. My former clinical instructor Jim and my two future clinical instructors
13. A body that works relatively well
14. Egyptian Cotton sheet
15. The Awesome ward that I'm a part of and all of the fantastic people I'm slowly getting to know
16. The simple fact I have a really bright future and there is a light at the end of the tunnel for school
17. Running water
18. Heating
19. The Freedom my country gives me
20. Boys (yeah I know...strange)
21. Netflix (even though it sucks)
22. Youtube and Skype
23. Jammie Pants
24. Bath products
25. Nail Polish