Sunday, April 4, 2010


So TECHNICALLY I've missed the April 4th blog deadline by 40 minutes, but I was with my family for most of the day and have had no time to blog at all. I started my morning with my mom, my sister, and myself wrestling my almost 4 year old neice into eating, dressing, potty-ing, and groom at various intervals. She's gotten into thinking that screaming and crying will get her way, and frankly I'm glad I don't have children right now. I'm too impatient (and still too much of a child myself).

But the Bailey-Axelrod annual get together for Easter was today and has ALWAYS involved the following:
-An adult Easter egg hunt that usually has wrestling, running, fighting, lots of yelling, and attempts to steal each others eggs.
-My mom and my Aunt Paula bringing us our Easter bags to a rousing chorus of "Here Come Peter Cotontail"
-My brother and I getting into some sort of half assed wrestling match, usually ending in him either running away or him pulling the old "my arms are long and if I put my hand on your forehead you can't touch me" move
-Food laced with Matzo (my uncle is Jewish and celebrates Passover)
-Loud laughter
-Lot's of candy due to my Aunt and cousins giving up candy for lent.
-A visit from Califorina living Lisa
-LOTS of food

Anyway, Easter is kind of our holiday. Our family has always done Easter up big. One year we went to Bear Lake for the holiday weekend and celebrated not only the Resurection of Christ, but of the Lord passing over the houses of the Jews and not killing thier firstborn. We were all holed up in a couple of condos and had an AMAZING park wide Easter egg hunt that spanned the entire trailer resort of which we are members. The weather was also GORGEOUS that weekend and a long standing family inside joke of "Cheau Fwa Ham" that is so not how it's spelled.

My family is basically the coolest!

"I'll tell you what then, don't.... step on any butterflies. What have butterflies ever done to you?" -The Doctor (my love)

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