Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fun Memories

So since I've been cleaning and moving things, I've found some really fun memories I'm going to list them here.

-The dye spot on the wall where Rachel and I accidentally got hair dye from the first weekend she live here.
-The Skulls that moved in during October and have stayed wearing various funny looking hats. They curently have mustaches and sombreros counting down until we go to Cabo.
-The hooks left stuck to the celing in the living room where I once night decided to build a sheet fort.
-The large piece of fake fur and leftover fabric from my Rainbow Brite Halloween costume that was held entirely together with hot glue.
-3 Different program from church that Rachel and I have drawn various stupid things on when I was so bored at church.
-The last remaining sticker given to me by Mark Hoppus at the Blink-182 concert
-The Ripped pants from the fateful last boat ride at Lake Powell Spring Break 09
-The Nerdfighterlike T-Shirt
-The sand encrusted high heels and flip flops from my second shoot with Ashely and Rachel
-My black slides that I never cleaned the mud off of from running around a park in West valley on the 4th of July with Ashley and Chris
-My Rigby Idaho t-shirt
-Notes written back and forth between me and various people during sacrament meeting
-My old and new Jesters Shirts and my gold shoes
-The two VERY obvious stains on the living room carpet from Rachel's makeup spilling and I clumsily spilling my diet coke
-The mice traps from the battle with Gus Gus (not that I kep them, I actually threw them away the other day)
-The Makeout Chair

It's been a fun run here at the Water Temple, and part of me is really sad to move away from all the fun memories, but I'm glad to be opening a new chapter in my life.
Boxes packed: 6
Bags of Garbage: 2
Days Till Move: 2

Quote of The Day:
"Here is the church
Here is the steeple
We sure are cute
For two ugly people"
The Moldy Peaches "Anyone Else But You"

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