Monday, April 5, 2010

Packing and Cleaning

I started packing my first box for the move last night. It's really heavy and I totally didn't even fill it. It's got all of my framed photographs, which there are A LOT of them. I also should be washing laundryy like a fiend but I just.....don't want to.

I mean for crying out loud, the best of "I love the 80's" is on. Who can compete with that. It's seriously one of my favorite television series. There is nothing that can compare with it.

Moving on, my home teachers came over for one last "home teach" before we move, but basically it was to come see Rachel (which she consitently denies). But it does make me a little sad that the two of them probably won't be coming over to our house anymore. I enjoy those fellas.

Anyway, I'm completley strapped for things to write about now so I'll introduce a new feature that will be going for the next week or so.

Boxes Packed: 1
Bags full of Garbage: 1
Days left till move: 5

Quote of The Day:
"Hank, do you know what the difference is between regular cupcakes and nerdfighter cupcakes? Instead of containing a lot of sugar, nerdfighter cupcakes contain a lot of awesome." John Green

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