Friday, April 3, 2009


I can't believe it's only day three of BEDA and I already can't think of things to write about. That's so depressing. I think it's because tiny chicken disease is at it's peak right now. I have an ear, throat, nose, and head ache. I didn't get much sleep last night due to the tiny chicken eggs stuck in my head, they blocked my nasal passages even with a breathe right strip and my medicated chest rub (oi, that sounds so disgusting!). I'm not a mouth breather and mouth breathers make me sick, but last night unfortunatly so I didn't become a victim of suffocation I had to breathe through my mouth. Anyway this topic sucks so I'm moving on.....

I was going to go see The Fast and The Furious with some boys from church for my friend Jack's birthday but honestly I'm not going. I have 15 minutes to get downtown and I won't have any girl back up so I can't gush about how hot someone is on the movie screen. Guys don't want to hear that crap.

I'm also supposed to go to this ginormous dance that's being held in the city tonight for Conference weekend, but I'm really not feeling it. I went 2 years ago and unless you bring guys with you, you have no one to dance with. The music mostly sucks as well at these. I really just want to get in my jammies and have someone come over and cuddle with me. I'm just in that mode you know?

Speaking of cuddling, my facebook informed me that April 7th is unofficial cuddling day. So get your partners early. I'm hoping I get snatched up pretty soon (yeah right!) But I put it up as my facebook status so hopefully someone takes the bait!

Yeah, that's about all I got....I think I'm gonna put myself in a NyQuil induced sleep soon!

Hopefully I will have better things to say soon!

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