Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Nyquill is a terrible terrible thing. Okay, so it's actually a good thing because it helps me when I'm sick. But the problem here is that when you take it too late in the evening, it makes for getting up in the morning and being a successful human being a bit difficult.
Anyway, I'll move on.

I had a bit of a revolving door house today. My home teachers (and for those of you playing the game at home, those are two males in my church who come and visit me once a month, they check to make sure that I'm healthy, don't need any yard work done, or any nails needing to be hammered. The female counterparts are called visiting teachers and usually result in baked goods being brought to my house and complaining about men and high grocery prices) came to visit. Now this is usually an ordinary thing but I really can't stand one of my home teachers. He called me today and said "We'll be over in 40 minutes". I had just gotten done running on my treadmill and was COVERED in stinky sweat. Thanks a bunch Matt for making forever cemented in your mind as the girl who always looks nasty at home.

Anyway after the guys left, but before I could even start folding my laundry the Relief Society (again for those of you who don't know, the Relief Society is the group in our church for women 18 and older where we meet and talk about why we are women and how we can help the Lord with our God given talents) presidency from a nearby ward came to visit. I go to what is called a student ward, which is pretty straight forward. It's a ward specifically geared to students age 18-30. Singles wards on the other hand are for people who are single and are 18 and up. There are some very specific differences between a single and a student ward.
Here's a list since I haven't done one in a while.
  • Student wards consist of people ALWAYS stressing about their grades
  • Singles ward consist of people ALWAYS stressing about getting married before they are 25.
  • Student wards are generally a younger population of people
  • Singles wards are for anyone over 18 who isn't married
  • Student wards are less of a meat meat market and invite a lot of intellectual conversation
  • Singles wards generally are a feeding frenzy to find a wife/husband
  • Student wards have more reality based persons
  • Singles wards are very un-realistic
  • Student ward's bishops focus on living morally clean (not having premarital sex)
  • Singles wards bishops constantly push getting married
Okay so these are SWEEPING generalities and I'm pretty sure there isn't that much of a difference, but in my mind there is. But the ladies visiting were from a singles ward and were wooing me to come to their ward instead of the local student ward.

Sadly though I had already heard their song from a male delegation that had arrived on my doorstep only 5 days prior to their visit. I almost said yes on the spot due to one of the men being VERY attractive.

But until I tap all the male resources in the current ward I'll stick with the one I have.

Oh yeah.....and I feel really close to God when I'm at that ward, can't forget the part about God.


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