Monday, April 6, 2009

My Beeper

Okay so I caved, I decided to write a blog about my damn beeper/pager.


Yeah I work in a hospital and I get a pager, essentially just like everyone else at work. Yet when I wear it on my waistband of my scrubs I feel like I can freaking rule the whole world with just the dinky gadget strapped to my waist.

I'm not really sure what this tiny square of plastic and electronics has inside it that makes me feel like a freaking super hero. Its like Wonder Woman's lasso, Superman's cape, Batman's batarang, and The Hulks purple pants all mixed into one. I literally can feel the awesome escape me when I take it off my pants at the end of the day.

I feel really important working at such an amazing hospital. I mean our hospital is one of the foremost leaders in research and development in the state. We are adjacent to one of the best pediatric hospitals in the state as well as many of the states that surround us. Maybe the fact that that pager connects me to that hospital down to it's new installed wiring.

I guess I can equate it with this. When I was a younger kid, I would take my mom's cell phone from her purse when we were at the supermarket and I would go a few aisles down and pretend to talk on it so people would think I'm a tech-savy 14 year old. I felt like the coolest kid even though no one validated that. Now I feel like I'm cool when I have this pager.

On another note, I finally got my own pair of SUPER comfy, super against the rules that I have it, hospital scrubs.

I love my job!

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