Saturday, April 4, 2009


Okay so if you want to get technical it's still day three, except it isn't because it's 3 in the morning. Three in the morning constitutes the next day. Anyway, I have a bit of pent up energy, I just got home from dancing with some girls and I have to write about it.

Now most of you are gonna look at this story and say "so what?" So I will give you some back-story to make it less of a "so what" type reaction. If after you hear the back-story and the actual story and you still think "so what" I'm sorry to have wasted your time.

So let's just get it out there blogging world....I'm a Mormon (oh yes I am!) I'm proud of this fact, I love my religion, I believe every word I'm told (after careful spiritual pondering, of course), and I don't need anyone getting on my blog telling me what a crock my religion is. I believe it's true and I've heard every anti-Mormon sentiment you can throw at me and it still won't shake my beliefs.
Hem Hem....moving on.
But as a member of the LDS faith, there are patterns one must follow. One of them being how you dance. Now dancing is really low on the totem pole of sins that you could commit. I'm sure that my Bishop would be waaaaay more worried about me having premarital sex than he would about where my hips where going while I was busting a move. But still, it's common knowledge that grinding, freak dancing, dry humping vertically, whatever the heck you want to call it, is somewhat frowned upon.
The dance that I mentioned in yesterday's blog I ended up going to. It was actually really fun, I went with two of my best friends, Rachel and Laura. The music wasn't TOO bad. The problem with being a LDS girl like myself, is that the only music that people really like dancing to that doesn't involve a huge possibility for rejection is hip hop. I'm hoping that you are drawing a conclusion here, but for those of you who aren't on our page, I'll explain.
Have you ever tried to dance not sexy to a hip hop song? Granted, I will say I do NOT dance sexy....I try but the fact that I'm white shines through my attempts, so it rarely comes out sexy, it's more like my hip is breaking and I'm trying to dance and not be in pain. But anyway there really isn't a way you can't dance to that type of music without swaying your hips a bit....maybe a shimmy here or there.
But people at what basically boils down to a MORMON dance were grinding all up on each other. I swear at one point I was dancing next to a couple that were having sex on the floor. Now that might make me sound like a bit of a prude. I'm not, for the record. I mean I got my freak on, just not in a way that looked like I was getting my freak on. I let a guy get pretty close, it was enjoyable, actually I let many guys get close, in way that could be considered "dirty dancing" but I wasn't, you know, rubbing places on the guy with places on my body (trying to keep it PG, here)
It made me feel liberated in a way. That I could just make one move on a guy sort of shuffling past and he could dance with me, or he could keep moving. It made for a lot less feeling like a loser when someone would reject me. Rachel and I actually came up with a move similar to a sandwich. We would stand just far enough away from eachother that a normal sized human being could squeeze through. If we both nodded in just such a way and a guy was walking through that space, we would ambush him from both sides. I guess you could compare it to Chris Kattan and Will Farrell in "Night at The Roxberry" when they bounce a girl back and forth between thier pelvis's. It was less dirty and much prettier when Rach and I did it, though. We didn't trap the poor guy, we gave them enough leeway that they could escape without pushing one or both of us over, but it made for a much more fun time and we got to dance with a lot of cool guys.
Wait, was that us exploiting the fact that guys love when two girls do anything that could be constitued at somewhat sexual together? The whole two girls bit? Uh oh!

Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed now becuase I'm almost asleep at the keyboard. Never a good idea.

Oh and to all of you who read this and thought it was a crap post I'm sorry, but I actually loved writing this one.

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