Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Lisa and Rachel Show

Today I'm going to switch gears from talking about me constantly and MY problems and MY problems with other people to talking about two people in my life who are AWESOME. Yes fine readers, you finally get to meet Rachel and Lisa my roommates!

This is Rachel, she's a spy.

Marital Status: Single, and ready to mingle
Sign: Pisces
Ethnicity: Albino
Likes: Violence, Mismatching her clothes, Tabbi (her turtle) movies with sad endings, Television shows on USA, Matt Smith's doctor, indie music, ice cream, Cafe Rio, boys with dark hair and dark eyes, shoes, and sleepy time.
Personality Type: INFP
Dislikes: Cooking, getting up early, romantic comedies, Barack Obama, Kirsten Dunst, talking to people on the phone, school, country music, healthy food,
Nicknames: Rachedoo, Miss Bagel, Rach, Remy, Rowan, Satan Spawn

Rach and I have been roommates for a year now. She's amazing. Don't get me wrong, she's not perfect, but who is. She's funny and we have 15000 inside joke (you think I'm kidding but we really do) We have a habit of taking funny situations and remembering them later and turning them into stupid jokes. She's extremely patient with my mood swings and my flightiness. We also make a lot of inappropriate sex jokes including how if we ever met some of the celebrities we love we'd just immediatly start taking off our clothes. For the most part with the two of us...the fun never stops.

This is Lisa, she's her own Anime show.

Marital Status: Pretty much engaged, sorry boys.
Sign: Virgo
Ethnicity: 1/2 Japanese 1/2 American
Likes: Old timey stuff, vintage looking clothing, cameos, EXTREME tea parties, BBC Miniseries, Jane Austen, Cooking, Organizing, party planning, books, ikea, target, Disney movies, and Totoro (among other cool Japanese cartoons)
Personality Type: ESFJ
Dislikes: School, diving underwater, ear piercing, money, confrontation, and paperwork
Nicknames: Parks, Risa-Chan, Lisa-Chan, Silly/Pretty Girl, Armitstead

Lisa has only been my roommate since about April where we shared a TERRIBLE house with Rachel and one other roommate (long, long, LONG story). When we moved out of that place, she and I shared a room/closet/bathroom. We experienced each others nighttime idiosyncrasies (she talks in her sleep, I snore). We also share of love of old stuff and romantic cheesy comedies.

They are both my best friends for completely different reasons and in different ways, but I love them. Not to mention they should both get medals of honor for dealing with this gal:

This is the three of us at Lisa's recent Nerd themed party (notice we're all wearing red shoes!)

Quote of the Day:
"When God closes a door, somewhere he always opens a window" Julie Andrews as Maria "Sound of Music"

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