Monday, August 30, 2010

Small Rant List

I've got a few thing I need to rant about.

-Okay, I'm sorry if you are a mom going back to school but like 85 percent of you 40 somethings are SO ANNOYING. Seriously. I'm glad you are going back to school and making something of your life, but CALM THE EFF DOWN. If you miss something important a teacher says, don't put the e brake on the class and demand the teacher repeat it. Stop telling us all how long it's been since you've been in school, WE KNOW okay?

-I am a huge proponent of wearing PJ's as much as possible, but wearing them in public is getting old. You look like trailer trash. I will allow it if it's before 6 in the morning and you brought clothes with you to change. But staying in them until noon while you are at school looks SO TACKY. It's not that hard to throw on some jeans and a t-shirt no matter how early it is. You don't have to look amazingly poised and beautiful or anything, but especially at a school like mine (where you are getting intense career training, basically like you are working at the school) you should wear normal clothes. I don't even care if you wear track pants and a t-shirt but when your clothes are obviously made for sleeping in make you look like an idiot.

-People who don't understand that you are making a joke, especially if it's HILARIOUS and they get offended.

-Crazy students (see also moms at school). Case in point: Today I had both anatomy lecture and lab one right after the other. We covered essentially EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS in both classes like....literally the same thing. I mean our professor kept saying "This is exactly what you just learned in lecture" and there was this girl going ape crazy with her highlighters and pencils constantly changing colors and flamboyantly writing notes. She was writing and highlighting almost down to the sentence the same things she had looked at an hour before. It was extremely distracting for the rest of us trying to listen to our professor speak.

-Math teachers who write illegibly. The numbers in the equations look GREAT, and the you write a word and suddenly you look like a serial killer. If you are teaching you should have nice handwriting. No exceptions.

Thank you. End of Rant session.
Go Team!


An Idiosyncratic Life said...

So long as you are not ranting about 30 something women. Then you've crossed the line sista >:(

Resq---- said...

Well said Ms. Britt. You know how I feel about the jammies in public, but I've never verbalized it so well.