Friday, January 8, 2010

Basically 14 out of 24 done!

So with the New Year, I'm not only looking at my resolutions, but I just looked at my list of 24 things to do before I'm 24. Here's our recap.

1. Lose 50 Pounds
*working on it!
2. Sing With a Band
*also working on it
3. Learn A New Language
*again, working on it.
4. Skinny Dip
5. Run a Whole Mile without stopping
*I'm actually changing this one to swim a mile without stopping because running is bad for my knee and I'm working on that.
6. Write and Compose a Song
*Lyrics are written, still haven't written the music
7. Dye my hair every natural color (black, brown, blonde, red) at least once
*Done, Done, Done, and Done.
8. Learn to play "All Of Me" by John Schmidt
9. Learn all of the music from Dr. Horrible on piano
*Working on it!
10. Make a kick-ass Halloween Costume
*Rainbow Bright and it was AWESOME
11. Have a slip-n-slide party
*gonna have to wait for it warm up
12. Beat The NES Batman game I got for my birthday today
*Finished it 2 weeks after I got it
13. Pass Anatomy
*Crossing my fingers on this one
14. Re-Visit my ancestral home, Los Angeles
*May 23, it's happening
15. Learn to knit a beanie
*Halfway there!
16. Cut my hair into a pixie cut
*Done, done, done and DONE!!!
17. Grab a couple of people and go for a one day road trip to somewhere I've never been in Utah
*I NEED to do this, adventures are always fun.
18. Visit a REAL haunted house/building
*Done and it was FAB
19. Play blackjack in the MGM Grand
*This one I'm amending as well, I'm going to do it on the Cruise ship.
20. Kiss someone at midnight on New Years
*Does my turtle count?
21. Own at least one bra from Victoria's secret
*Got a gift card, and one of these days I'm getting my butt over there, I'm also changing this to just own some non-lotion item from VS, bra's in my size are too expensive.
22. See Blink-182 on September 7th
23. Audition for a production
*I did, and I'm now on a great improv team!
24. Have and artist draw/paint/photograph me
*Done, a beautiful sketch by Manelle.

So, I still have a lot of work left to do but it's gonna happen!


Deanna said...

sounds great!! since my 24th birthday is tomorrow, I was thinking of stealing your idea and calling it 25 things before I turn 25. :)

bohemianXbabe said...

pick me for the road trip!

Anonymous said...
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katiepaisley said...

I love your list! Way to go on the progress!!!