Thursday, December 31, 2009

List of The Awesome of 2009

So I had a really fantastic year and I had this plan for a beautiful year in review with lots of pictures, but like usual, I have left it to the last minute. So you get a random list of my year and what was fun about it.

In the past year I have:

-Moved out and became and adult!
-Kissed 2 boys
-Had my heart broken 3 times
-Met some amazing life long friends
-Got a roommate who I literally have 3 million inside jokes with
-Bought a fish
-Buried a fish
-Bought a turtle
-Bought a new camera
-Started a small (emphasis on small) photography buisness
-Became a ghetto Martha Stewart
-Cut off all of my hair
-Went to Lake Powell for the first time in my life
-Tubed for the first time in my life
-Visited Texas to watch my sister graduate
-Lost 15 pounds
-Gained them back
-Had a car die
-Became more nerdy than I ever thought I could be
-Fell in love with The Doctor (aka David Tennant)
-Met Frank Warren
-Met a lot of members of the Jazz
-Met Mark Hoppus (for 3 whole seconds!)
-Saw Blink-182 and Britney Spears in concert
-Took some BEAUTIFUL pictures of my beautiful friends
-A bunch of late night amazing adventures including night shoots, movie midnight showings, and random trips to walmart at 2 in the morning
-Ate cheesecake on a stick
-Saw a Neil Diamond impersonator
-Lost a long time friend to a battle with cancer
-Learned to use Photoshop!
-Went to Lagoon twice in a week with good friends
-Went to the State Fair
-Took a spur of the moment trip up to Yellowstone
-Watched a friendship I thought would last forever crumble in a weekend
-Joined an Improv group and kind of met my soulmates
-Built a sheet fort in my living room
-Got an amazing job and have some AMAZING people there
-15 new nicknames? That might be a record for me
-Had an AMAZING Halloween costume that I made myself
-Got an addiction to my glue gun!
-Spent a great evening at the Organ Loft with some great friends
-Played a lot of video games
-Dyed my hair no less than 12 times (it could have been more, I don't really remember)
-Bought 8 Threadless t-shirts for myself (I bought 5 more but they went to other people
-Enriched my "theatre" side
-Found out why I am the way I am (ESFP forever!)
-Dealt with a gross mouse
-Got closer to God (yay!)
-Made a bunch of awesome headbands
-Had one fantastic weekend up at Bear Lake
-More trips to Cafe Rio than I would ever care to count
-Loved life!

After a year, I'm still as in love with this city as I was those first few days I explored downtown, I'm still in love with my bathroom, still in love with my house, still in love with everything really. I've had a beautiful year.

Up on the agenda for next year? A whole lot of adventures for sure but there will be a cruise to Mexico for my 24th birthday, (hopefully, but doubtfully) a trip to ComicCon in July, lots of school (bleh), turning 24, much more open letter blogs, and Tee Hee.

Hope you stick with me for the next year! HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!


Bronda Bailey said...

Yech. Sorry about going to Lagoon twice. May this year be better.

Deanna said...

sounds like mostly a great year. I too am addicted to my glue gun :D I enjoy reading your blog, keep posting

WendyLou said...

Free Meal! We go in Cafe Rio and Syd says Free Meal!