Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful List

So Thanksgiving is coming up and OF COURSE I have to do a thankful list.

This is of course in no particular order so here is the things I'm Thankful for

1. The great journey this last year has been moving away from home and really finding out who I am.
2. Rachel, she has been the singularly greatest friend that God has ever sent my way
3. My mom and the great relationship that has blossomed between the two of us this year.
4. My 4 fantastic siblings and 2 great in-laws who make me feel pretty freaking awesome
5. The 3 beautiful small people that call me Aunt Brittany
6. The house I live in and that I'm safe and warm and have electricity and I have a great landlord.
7. The plain and simple fact that my roommates haven't killed me yet.
8. That I live in a country where I'm allowed to have my own thoughts and opinions
9. A beautiful knowledge of my Savior and his love for me. Not to mention the peace it brings in these difficult times
10. Amazing friends
11. Even though it's not a very much, a steady paycheck from a job which most days? I ADORE
12. Grandparents who love me
13. The Jesters Royale
14. Two functioning eyes, ears, arms, legs, kidneys, and lungs. One functioning voice, brain, heart, and stomach.
15. Jung, Meyers, and Briggs for making me understand why I am the way I am. ESFP!
16. Dustin for introducing me to being an ESFP
17. The Late Pheonix and Evo Shandor
18. Photoshop
19. Facebook
20. DSL Internet Connections
21. The Amazing people that serve this country in the Armed Forces and The Families that love and support them
22. My gold NES
23 My green DS Lite
24. Vaughn (my laptop)
25. Juno (My first camera)
26. Reid (My new Camera)
27. Pinky McGee (my ipod)
28. Public Transportation
29. Robert Brooklyns (he invented the hot glue gun)
30. John and Hank Green and Nerdfighters everywhere
31. Frank Warren
32. Win Co and it's well priced good
33. The borrowed PS2 that is living at our house
34. Pie
35. My Gondor. That little green achieva that got me everwhere I needed to go for almost two years now. He died yesterday and I'm not looking forward to replacing him.

What are you thankful for?

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