Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday+No Sleep+Lot's of Downtime at Work


Happy Saturday folks! Ready for another round? You know I am!

Dear Hair-
I'm glad that you and I could get back to being friends and living a calm symbiotic lifestyle. Who would have thought that putting a little black dye in you was just the ticket to get us back on track.

Dear Village Inn-
Good food, good feelings? Why yes, last night it was! I love you, I've never had a bad time when I come to visit you. Plus bringing on a drinking game based on things I do? GENIUS!

Dear Blake-
A 40 minute long conversation? Dang I didn't think there were people on this earth that talk as much as me. You sir, have proven me wrong!

Dear Family of Deer-
Someday Karma will get you back for trying to kill me and Rachel last night.

and it wouldn't be Open letters without....

Dear Rachel-
Awwww a deer....Ooo more deer.... *high pitched scream*

Dear Stephen-
I hate you, okay so actually I think you are pretty fantastic guy. But I hate you. SHOT!

Dear Bailey/Garcia family-
Thanks for all the fun last night. I love you guys. The family that Bowls together, stays together.

Dear Goosebumps-
Go away, I'm tired of being cold.

Dear Warm Blankets-
You are the devil's creation because you are so fantastic. All warm and cuddly. CURSE YOU!

Dear Hormones-
I thought I fired you last week, why the crap are you still hanging around. I fired you, in a big way. That means NO SEVERANCE, NO UNEMPLOYMENT, NO HOPE OF REHIRE. Go away before I call the cops on you for loitering.

Dear Halloween Costume-

Dear Count Chocula-
Thank you for choosing to come stay at my house. You are promoted to head Vampire. Edward can kiss it!

Dear Franken Berry-
I can't begin to explain how happy you make me. Here's to a long happy life together.

Dear Boo Berry-
As far as cereals go, you and your fellows represent everything that is good about humanity. May your children's children be plentiful so my children's children can experience your awesome!

Dear October-
You are the best, never change. I love everything about you.

Darkily yours-

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Deanna said...

dear comments: yay I can post you now! I am having halloween cereal cravings