Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Open Letters Again

I feel the need to write in my blog and for lack of anything else to do, I'm going to write more open letters.... Most of these are weird inside jokes or cryptic messages only I will get. Sorry in advance if you don't.

Dear Sky-
Why must you tease me so? It would be great to have some rain today and it looks like it will rain, so just let it rain already!!!!

Dear D-
You confuse me, and I don't like be confused. I wish time would move faster so I could see things more clearly.

Dear Golduck-
Thanks for finally evolving. Level 33 Really? That took forever.

Dear Laundry-
You will be done today, I promise! I'm down to the bare bones of my clothes!

Dear Little Jig-
I hope to be doing you very soon for amazing reasons.

Dear Wimpy Boy and Pansy Girl-
You two are MADE for each other. Stop worrying that you are going to get hurt by each other. You need to just understand how much you two will wonderfully compliment each other. You will have beautiful children and a grumpy, violent, loving, happy life together. Just stop being afraid!

Dear Photo shoot-
Why can't you happen sooner? Why can't I figure you the crap out and get it done. You are festering inside of me and I won't rest till I release you.

Dear Desert-
Why must you be so vast with out any hope of an end/oasis? I'm tired of trudging through you with out a canteen.

Dear Dinosaur Shaped Nuggets-
It won't be the same dinner without you.

Dear Amy-
I'm glad to be seeing you tomorrow to have you make my hair edgy again. It should be fun to be able to control my hair again.

Dear Eyebrows-
Is all this bushiness neccesary?

Dear Pink Moccasins and Gold Sneakers-
I FREAKING LOVE YOU. You are not only cheap, well made shoes. But you make me stand out in a crowd. I love doing that!

Dear Jesters-
Make up your mind and let me perform already. In protest I will not do another box office until you do! I'm tired of being in the audience and feeling like an outsider. I don't like this at all. I'm ready.

Love, Hate, Frustration, Happily, and Figitily Yours-

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