Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Late Night Musing Poem (crap)

Do you need a poem?
A pile of words
Maybe, a line about your eyes
A paragraph about your laugh
A few words about your smile

I would gladly write them
Were it so simple to do so
But I am no poet
I can't rhyme or find a meter
With which to speak of the ache you bring

A song perhaps?
A melody mimicking your voice
A beat to match your heart
Lyrics to tell the world of how I feel
How I feel when you look at me.

But the notes come out wrong
And the chords don't progress well
The beat is off and I can't find the rhythm
I'm not a songwriter
No, not a songwriter

But I'll keep on trying
To find a way to say
How much I feel whenever you are near
But not in a poem, no not in a ryhme
Nor in a song, or in a melody.

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