Thursday, March 4, 2010

I suffer from hyper-awesometitis!

So I haven't updated in a little while, so I'll cop out once again and just make a bulleted list of what's going on in my life.

-Rach and I just bough a spiffy cheap chair from the Salvation Army (don't worry, it was basically brand new) and I'm pretty much in love with it, even though it's really easy to fall alseep in. We've also dubbed it the "Makey Outy Chairy." Not because anyone has made out in it, but it would be REALLY easy to make out in because it's really wide and two people could cozily sit in it.
-The Cruise is offically paid off, all that is left is to pay for the plane tickets (and some other random things like tips and on shore excursions) and with the arrival of our passports today, I'm starting to get REALLY excited to go. Especially after I looked at my friend Tedi's pictures from the same cruise.
-My room could be classified as a national disaster area. No seriously, the only way I can get around in there right now is a pretty little walkway between crap piles. Go me.
-OOPS All Berries is back in the store and I bought 3 boxes. Granted, I only bought one box for me. The other two are for my brother. I'm pretty sure he will name his next child after me.
-The Burn Notice season finale is on right now.....SAD!!!!!
-Also, Sunshine? SAD SAD SAD movie. I watched it with the Rachel and she (of course) loved it.
-Guitar Lessons are going really well, except I haven't been to one in two weeks due to a complication last week for me and an incident for Bryce this week.
-I finally have all my little action figures here from various parts of the world, and by parts of the world I mean England and Australia. They are so cute, and I found out that parts of them come off and can be switched around to make REALLY funny Dr. Who action figures.
-On the subject of the Doctor, he comes back to telivision on Easter and once they pick a day of the week to show the show, there will be Doctor Who parties at my house because I think I'm the ony person with the BBC on my tv.
-The growing out of my hair is going well, albeit slowly. I now can put my hair in momstyle pigtails right above my ears, or make a gross pirate-esque ponytail at the nape of my neck.
-I haven't shot pictures in a while and I'm itching to shoot some photos again.
And that, ladies and gents, its all I have to say on the matter. BAM!

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